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TBINET was started in 1995 by a small group of Caregivers who had loved ones with various types of brain injuries. We had a strong need to communicate with others in our situation, but had little time to do so and attend local Brain Injury Support meetings. Also, many of us did not have these support groups in our local area.

In 1995 we put up a website devoted to helping people find information on ABI/TBI and we provided a little of our own.

In 1996 we started 2 Support Mailing Lists. TBI-LIVING for people with brain injuries and CARE-TBI which was for Caregivers. We did this because we (and many others) wanted and needed a place of our own so we could privately discuss our separate problems.

In 1998  Norman and Deanna Pickering, whose TBI son Dusty had just passed away, wanted to donate the memorials they received to support ABI/TBI supports groups. This became the Dusty Pickering Memorial Fund and is our only means of funding.

Today we have about 30 support mailing lists covering Brain Injury, Stroke, Coma, Downs Syndrome, etc. We also will host any medical related support mailing lists. You can see all the support mailing lists we host on our Archives Page. From there just follow the links if you would like to join any of them. Additional info regarding our support groups can be found on our Email Support Groups page.

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